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Samba is a free implementation of the
CIFS/SMB protocol for Unix, which allows LAN-Server style file and printer sharing among machines running Windows, Mac OS X ,Unix or eComStation (OS/2). There is a netlabs based effort (by and large done by Paul Smedley, with contributions from Yuri Dario, Silvan Scherrer and me) to port the Samba server and create a Samba client for eCS (OS/2) in order to replace the functionality of the outdated IBM-LAN-Requester/Peer/Server components. Currently the port is maintained and updated by Silvan Scherrer and me.

Please note, that I have full access to the netlabs Samba infrastructure now (thanks to Adrian Gschwend, who provided WEB-DAV access for us), so maintaining this page is not really required anymore. The contents of this page will be integrated into the netlabs Wiki in the near future.

The eComStation (OS/2) server port is very fast and stable, and although still incomplete, very usable for daily work. It can be found here. It already can be used to perform the following tasks:
  • share files among eCS (OS/2), Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines, including extended attribute support.

  • share printers among eCS (OS/2), Windows, Mac OS and Unix machines.

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Samba Server WarpIN package

The latest releases are found at netlabs!

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Utilities found in the WarpIN package

The WarpIN installer package installs and preconfigures (besides the Samba core binaries) the following utilities (browse all files):

  • sscc.exe Now found at netlabs! Installation and configuration utility (now supports root account creation, supports migration from IBM Peer.
  • Note: If you want to setup a PDC, move your old smb.conf out of the way and let sscc.exe create a new one. Use your favorite editor to import shares from your old smb.conf afterwards. There is no wizard to migrate a standalone server to a PDC (yet). It is strongly recommended that you use tdbsam backend, use pdbedit to migrate users and groups from smbpasswd backend to tdbsam backend (Use: pdbedit.exe -i smbpasswd -e tdbsam).
  • smbusers.exe Now found at netlabs! Samba Users and Groups utility (add/edit/remove users and groups, map/unmap groups, create well-known NT-groups, let users join and leave groups, create "rebuild groups" script, detect and fix more errors, console to run net rpc commands that are not yet fully supported by smbusers.exe GUI. In addition the usermod Script (and the forwarder scripts) and groupmod Script (and the forwarder scripts) come in this package from now on. The groupmapinst.cmd script was "ported" to REXX and now also comes in this package.

  • smbmon.exe Now found at netlabs! Samba server status monitor utility to present the information provided by various Samba command line utilities (most notably "smbstatus smbd", smbcontrol and smbtree) in a conveniant notebook GUI. It has separate pages for files, users, services, daemons details view and tree view, and LAN ressources.The refresh intervall is configurable.

  • smb.cmd (Version 3.1.3)  is a heavily extended port of a Unix shell script to start/stop/restart Samba services. Now found at netlabs!
  • sharewiz.exe (Version 0.3.0) Now found at netlabs! Samba directory share wizard is a decent GUI to share directories on a Samba Server machine. Having xWorkplace or eWorkplace installed is mandatory for this utility. The latest drop of this utility has been overhauled in general and shares large parts of code with sscc.exe, smbusers.exe and smbmon.exe now, including NLV support.
  • findsmb.cmd enhanced port of *nix shell script to find SMB/CIFS machines on the current or a given subnet. New -X switch to find even more smb computers (most notably machines running WindowsXP, that refuse to answer to broadcasts), now also works with 4OS/2 shell and older REXX interpreters. Latest drop does not crash when nobody responds to a nmbd broadcast.

  • smbprint.exe (Version 0.3.0) external Samba print command for eCS (OS/2) acts as a bridge between Samba and the eCS (OS/2) printer subsystem. This utility is required if the Samba Server should act as a print server.

  • several icons provided by David Graser
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Samba Server builds

Note: As all Samba build during the last year (including the official ones) were provided by me, the distinction between official and quasi-official will be dropped, however as we intend to switch to a newer compiler in the future, I still will mention the compiler revision used.

All Samba builds use a special version of libc063.dll named libc064x.dll. In case you did not get it with the Samba package, it can be found here libc063.dll and libc064x.dll are not interchangeable, you have to keep both files.

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Samba Client for Netdrive and EVFS (plugin for CIFS/SMB)

The latest releases are found at netlabs!

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Samba Client for shared printers (Port driver for CIFS/SMB)

The latest releases are found at netlabs!

Samba Client GUI for EVFS/Netdrive (EVFSGUI 2.1)

The official releases are found at netlabs! Testbuilds of upcoming Version 2.1, which will include on-the-fly browsing of network resources are found here.
Samba Torture Testsuite The Samba torture testsuite is a set of programs that can be used to test whether a given Samba server works as it should. The Samba for eCS (OS/2) port does not pass all the tests, partly because parts of the torture suite must be changed to work correctly on OS/2.

Note: The original Samba source for the torturesuite did not change since Version 3.0.30, so a recompile is unnecessary.

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SWAT (Samba Web Administration Tool)

Thanks to the efforts of Silvan Scherrer, the Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) is fully functional on eCS (OS/2) now. However, unlike on other platforms, SWAT is not started by INetD, but runs as a CGI application in a web server. At the moment all tests have been done with recent Apache 2.2.x versions.

SWAT is well integrated into the rest of the Samba infrastructure meanwhile, for settings it up manually you need to follow the SWAT-cookbook at netlabs in order to set it up successfully.
  • This package comes with all ressources required to successfully run SWAT. The look and feel of swat has been modified to resemble eComStation style. A customized httpd.conf for Apache 2.2.x is also found in this package. Using this file, SWAT will listen on port 901 as it does on all other platforms. Make sure you have the latest smb.cmd, as this is required to start/stop the Samba daemons.
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Other optional utilities (browse files, old site)

The following tools and utilities were created to ease daily operation of Samba for eCS (OS/2).
  • netview-20090321 I always liked the net view command of both OS/2 and Windows and basically, I do not understand why the Samba people do not provide the same functionality for the Samba net.exe. Although Samba provides the smbtree.exe utility, which displays workgroups, servers and their shares, its output is rather clumsy. So I decided it was time to provide the simplicity of use and the convenient output of net view also for Samba for eComStation.

  • smbown-20081127  allows to view the owner of (a) file(s) that has/have been accessed/created/changed on a Samba Server for eCS. This script comes handy, when you try to understand why a certain user is allowed (or not allowed) to do certain things to a file (or several files). It does not read the information through klibc but directly interprets the extended attributes where the information is stored.
  • current Samba Server builds for OS/2 are not able to reflect standard DOS attributes to clients properly. Until this issue (Samba Ticket #15) is really fixed, the scripts provided in this package act as tools to partly work around this problem.

- smbattrib - sets both filesystem and Samba Server attributes of a file (or files)
- attr2smb - synchronizes Samba Server attributes according to filesystem attributes
- smb2attr - synchronizes filesystem attributes according to Samba Server attributes

  • FindSmb/PM Version 0.1.0 early draft of a GUI version of findsmb (see above).

  • Samba widget for the xCenter/eCenter, shows 2 "lights" indicating whether any instance of smbd.exe and/or nmbd.exe is currently running.

  • smbpopup*.zip package: smbpopup.exe and smbmsg.cmd - external Samba message command for OS/2 enables the Samba Server to receive Winpopup/Netmsg style messages.

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Copyright (c) 2008-2010 by Herwig Bauernfeind - EMail address can be found in all packages to download. - Last change applied on 25-05-2010.